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It’s quick and easy to search for a product at our webstore. Simply enter the product name or description in the search box and click the search icon, or press Enter on your keyboard, to retrieve the search results.


To search products tailored to your industry sector, go to the My Business Type option at the top of the page. Here you will find a list of sectors where the product ranges are tailored to each sector’s needs. Simply click your preferred sector to access a customised product range including our recommendations and bestselling products for your sector. Industry sectors available at our webstore include Hospitality & Leisure, Construction, Healthcare, Education, Corporate & SME, Facilities & Cleaning, Manufacturing, Retail, Waste Management, Local Authorities and Transport.



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You can make changes to your shopping basket at any time before finalising your order.

To increase or decrease the quantity, simply click the + or – button next to the number quantity ordered. Alternatively, you can enter a new number in the quantity box and the basket will automatically update. 

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Your shopping basket will always list the latest price of the product you ordered. If your basket had been saved from a previous search, the price may differ from when you first added the product to your basket. 



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